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Slate Roof Tile Construction

Slate Roofing Offers Architectural Elegance

Roofs of multi-color slate tile are popular and pleasant, lending themselves to design techniques such as vertical cladding, radiused cave overhangs, and dormer window "eye brow" details. Slate roofs are sturdy, blend into the nearby environment, and offer superior functionality. Not only do slate roofs provide architectural elegance, but these roofs offer a variety of options for both application and cost.

Sorting and Grading Slate Roofing Tile

Traditionally, slate roofing tiles are generally hand cut and sized. This makes it necessary to carefully measure and sort the slate tiles by thickness before installation so each row of tile is closely matched. Unmatched slate roofing tiles are more likely to break and cause leaks.

Sorting and measuring is unnecessary with MarbleMaster slate roofing tile, since each piece is machine cut to the same dimensions. Even the nail holes are pre-drilled and countersunk to speed construction and repair. Countersunk holes allow the roof tile to lie flat for longest possible lifetime. A standard-size roof tile makes for a higher-quality, longer-lasting roof.

Multi-color Slate Roof Tile Construction

The Conventional Slate Roofing System may be used when the roof pitch is steeper than 30 degrees and relies on the slate tile itself for waterproofing. This method results in a heavier roof since slate tile overlap may be three layers in places. Architects must pay close attention not only to the required timber specifications to support the weight of the slate roofing tile, but also to the relative cost of construction.

Multicolor slate roofing owners should perform an annual inspection and maintenance using a reputable slate roof specialist to ensure longest roof life.

We highly encourage you to order slate tile samples prior to purchase.

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