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Granite Monuments, Grave Markers and Headstones

Marblemaster has combined its state of the art manufacturing capability with its national marketing reach to bring high quality memorial monuments to the mortuary industry, and individual consumers in need, at a fraction of traditional costs. These are fully fabricated monuments with polished faces on both side of the tablet ready for inscription. We ship anywhere in the continental United States.

Inscriptions are available for an additional charge, if desired. Pre-purchase and storage options are also available for approximately $60 per year giving consumers the ability to prearrange their memorial needs and exercise financial prudence when purchasing memorial headstones. Illustrated are our three tablet style memorial markers. Not shown are the flush lawn flat marker (FLAT) and the standard bevel marker (Style T616).

Inscribed designs as shown are for display only, and while available for an additional fee are not included in the prices below. Allow approx. 8 weeks for delivery. In addition to our standard line of products, we can cost effectively produce almost any custom monument or crypt design. To discuss your memorial needs feel free to call Marblemaster toll free at 760-727-2323.


T61226x8x1834x14x8$ 654$1008$1490
T39620x6x2024x12x6$ 342$ 540$768
T61120x8x2624x14x8$ 576$ 906$1290
T61624x8x16N/A$ 252$ 270$ 570
T61630x8x1634x20x8$ 774$1212$1740
FLAT24x13x3N/A$ 87$ 135$ 190
FLAT36x14x4N/A$ 174$ 330$ 441
FLAT44x16x8N/A$ 240$ 369$ 528

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